I was so excited and nervous

He had told me to be ready at a certain time and I didn’t want to disappoint him. I took a long soak in the bath, then I pampered my body, smoothing cream into my long smooth sexy legs, admiring the curve of my pert little ass in the mirror. I have always looked feminine, from my delicate features, to my sweet smile, to my slender body, and my perfect legs, and tonight I was going to give myself to the most perfect man.

I brushed my long blonde hair till it was smooth and glossy. I spent an age on my make-up, delicate eye shadow, immaculate mascara, glossy, full, inviting red lip stick. I slipped into sheer black stockings, fastened them to my favourite lacy black and pink garter belt, embroidered with pretty little flowers. I pulled on a flimsy silky black thong, then slipped on my off the shoulder black dress, tight, figure-hugging, short, daringly short, and finally my sheer black five inch heels. I looked and felt amazing.

The doorbell rang. My heart leapt! He was here!

I opened the door, my heart was fluttering. He smiled at me, kissed my hand and gave me flowers. Then he held my hand and led me to my sofa. 

We sat together, he placed his hand gently on my thigh, and told me how beautiful I was. Then as I blushed, he leant forward and kissed my neck. I am so sensitive there, it made me tingle all over. As he kissed me on my neck, my shoulder, he slid his hand along my thigh, I was melting, I wanted him so much, I felt so happy!

Then he whispered in my ear. 

“Are you ready to submit to me, Natalie.” 

I whispered breathlessly that I was. 

“Will you be mine completely?” 

“Oh yes, I will be yours.”

He told me to stand up and I did what he asked. He asked me to strip. I slowly turned round, and began to move my hips, feeling so feminine, so hot, his eyes on me, as I stepped out of my shoes, my arms in the air, moving slowly and seductively, feeling his eyes on my body, undressing me. 

“Stop!” He commanded. His voice was firm. He stood and told me to put my hands behind me. I did, and immediately I felt tight cord around them. He lashed my wrists together so tightly I yelped a little, and he slapped my bum when I did, to tell me to be quiet. Then he span me round.


I did what I was told. I could see that he was excited, that he was hard. He unfastened his trousers and then his shorts, and freed his lovely, hard cock. It was nine inches long, and so thick. My throat turned dry as I gazed at it. 

He put his hands on my head and pulled me towards him. I willingly opened my mouth, but he wouldn’t let me suck it…he kept my head just far enough away that I was only able to lick it with my tongue, but it tasted so good. Finally, he let go of my hair, and I eagerly slid my lips over that magnificent cock. I plunged it into my mouth, savouring the taste, eagerly sucking and licking, worshipping it from his balls to the tip, then taking as much of it as I could deep into my throat, then he held me there till I thought I would choke, before releasing me. Again and again I pushed that cock deep into my mouth, it was driving me wild, I wanted it so much, I was mesmerised by the taste, by how it throbbed in my mouth.

Then he pulled away suddenly, leaving a trail of saliva from my hungry wet lips to the tip of his swollen cock. 

He pulled me to my feet and told me to walk to the bedroom. I walked as best I could, swaying my hips, my hands behind me, feeling his eyes on me, feeling his lust. 

In my bedroom he threw me onto the bed face down, and I gasped a little. He unfastened my wrists, but only for a few seconds, because he pulled my arms forward, then lashed my wrists again, this time to the bed frame. I was completely helpless! My heart was pounding, I could still taste his cock on my lips, I was so overtaken with lust. Suddenly he was close. I felt something against the back of my neck, and then across my face. My mouth was open in surprise and he slipped a ball gag into it, tying it tight behind my head so that I nearly gasped. 

“I am sorry to have to do this Natalie, but if you are to be mine, you have to understand that if you disappoint me, you will be punished. You have to know what that feels like so you never want it to happen. Understand.”

I tried to nod, but I was scared, wondering what was happening. I wanted to serve him, to be his, this wonderful man, but would I be able to?

The first lash caught me by surprise. The second made me cry out. At the third, I arched my back and struggled, shaking the bed frame, but he had tied me tight. Again and again he lashed me, and my ass felt as though it was on fire. I didn’t know what it was, but it was thick, it was rough and it hurt, so so much!

“I want you to try to speak, Natalie, I know it is hard with that gag in your mouth, but I want you to say thank you Sir after each stroke, so you will have to shout, understand.”

I was breathing hard, but I tried to nod. 

“Here it comes!”

I screamed but the noise just died in my gag. 

“Say it Natalie, if you want to be my slut!”

I tried to say Thank you Sir. 

“Louder!” he said, and slapped me again with his belt.

I screamed, but manage to mumble the words.

“Good girl!”

Again and again he spanked me. It hurt so much, like my whole body was raw, like I was on fire, I screamed so loud, I just couldn’t help it, but no noise came out. I counted ten, fifteen, twenty strokes. 

And then he stopped. I felt his hand on my red raw ass, lifting up the dress, stroking me. 

“Good girl, Natalie, good girl. Now you understand that you need to obey.”

I nodded, exhausted, breathing hard, my whole body tingling.

“And now it is your reward….”

With that, I felt my dress tighten and a loud ripping sound. With his strong hands he ripped my dress apart, pulled it right off me! My bare back was exposed. I felt the cool breeze on it, then I felt his kisses, fluttering, soft, then hard, then soft again, all down my back. I writhed and flexed my body. He kissed all the way down to my butt, then I felt my thong being pulled aside, ripped away. His thick forefinger traced a line between my cheeks and slid, slowly at first, into me. I moaned and arched my back as I felt him pushing into me…

With one hand he released my ball gag and I could breathe, but I was too scared to make a sound in case he spanked me again. 

“Do you like that, Natalie?” he asked as his finger probed into me

“Mmmmhmmmm….” I moaned

“How about two fingers…”

“Ohhhhhhh” I gasped as he stretched me wider with two fingers, moving in and out, I felt my body tense and relax, stretching for him…

“And maybe another….”

I gasped louder, and bit the pillow as he pushed another thick finger into me, opening me up…

“You like that, don’t you Natalie, my little slut..”

“Oh yes, I do…” I whispered

“How much do you want me to fuck you…” 

“Oh so much…”

He slapped my ass suddenly and I yelped

“Louder, Natalie, tell me how much you want it…”

“Oh please, please fuck me…”

“Beg, Natalie…”

“Please, I want it so much, I need you inside me, please, oh please….”

He slid his fingers out of me. My heart raced as I waited. I felt him climb onto the bed, then something incredibly hard was pressing against me…

“Tell me you want it Natalie…”

“Oh please, please, fuck me, fuck me so hard, push it deep into me, I want it more than anything, please…”

And then, just as I was begging him with all my heart, it happened, I felt him push inside me, it was impossible, so big, I felt that I would burst, I tried to free myself but he had tied me tight, his weight was on me and his whole big cock was pushing into me, relentless!

“Owwwwwwwwwwwww!” I screamed at the top of my voice, but he didn’t stop, he just kept pushing his cock into me, until the pain was tinged with pleasure, great waves of pleasure that pulsated through me as he urgently pounded my virgin ass, fucking me harder and harder. He didn’t have to tell me now, I begged and implored him never to stop, to keep fucking me forever, to make me his little slut, to fill me up…

He pounded me harder and harder, leaning over me and biting my neck, which made me shiver and yell out, my ass was numb with the fucking I was getting, I arched my back, I writhed, I begged, I screamed, I moaned, “Oh fuck me, oh please, please fuck me….”

And soon he was grunting heavily, I could hear his breathing shorten, his cock throbbed inside me and like a good little slut, I squeezed my ass muscles as tight as I could and that tipped him over the edge and I felt my whole ass fill with what felt like gallons and gallons, of lovely sticky cum, my master’s cum, filling me, taking my virginity, making me completely his. 

He lay inside me for a while, pulsating cum into me, I could feel it trickling, filling me, it was so completely amazing and wonderful, I felt like the happiest girl in the world. 

Then he pulled out. I moaned a little, and felt his cum trickling down my thigh, I was lying there, full of cum, a complete little whore, his whore, I belonged to him and I loved it. 

Presently, I heard up fasten up his trousers, and then his voice was in my ears, his heavenly voice. 

“You did well, Natalie, my little pet. I will be back in the morning, and we will continue your training.”

And he left me there, tied to the bed, lying in his cum, my body naked save for my pretty stockings, my little butt sticking up in the air. I was so happy.