My name is Snow White, but you can call me Snow. You’ve probably heard of me. Well, that’s not surprising. My life has been kind of extraordinary so far. But a lot of what you think you know about me is wrong, so let me put the record straight.

I live with my father and stepmother in a castle on the edge of the Dark Forest. My father is the Earl. He’s not a very important Earl, he doesn’t get to visit the King much and we rarely have many visitors to our castle, though that is mostly down to my stepmother, Melissa. I’ll tell you more about her later.

I never knew my mother. She died giving birth to me. I have a portrait of her in my room, and I look at it sometimes. She looks like me; the same fair skin, the same raven-dark hair, the same big brown eyes, and the same face. But my father says I am even prettier, though until recently I thought that he was just saying that to make me happy.

In fact, my father once told me that my mother was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, though before he said it, I saw him look both ways to make sure that my stepmother wouldn’t hear him. My father is a good man, and I couldn’t wish for a more generous parent, but his only fault is that he is too frightened to stand up to Melissa.

He isn’t the only one. All of the servants are terrified of her. Some even call her a witch and say that she has evil powers. I don’t believe that, of course, although sometimes I do wonder whether there is something slightly supernatural about her. For a start, she dresses almost entirely in black. Sometimes it is black leather and sometimes it is black silk with an elaborate black veil, but black is definitely her favourite colour. She was obviously quite glamorous in her day, and I suppose she has a good figure still, though she wears way too much make-up for a woman of her age.

From what I have been able to find out, originally she was some kind of minor royalty, but had her title stripped from her for some scandal or other, though I have not yet been able to find out what. I know that she hates me, for sure, because she has more or less told me. She hasn’t spelled it out for me, and she is always careful to speak kindly to me when my father is around – putting on a ludicrous over-the-top voice and calling me ‘Sweetie’ and ‘Lovely’. But when he isn’t there or she thinks he isn’t looking, she sneers at me or pulls a sour face.

I didn’t know why she didn’t like me until I happened to speak to one of the old servants, Bruno, our butler. Bruno is a sweet man, though he really should have retired. My father offered him a place on the estate, with a servant of his own to look after him, but he refused. One night, when I was in the library, I asked Bruno about my mother. He shuffled over to shut the library door, making sure that we were alone, then he sat down and told me what happened.

My mother had asked the Gods to give her a child who was more beautiful than the driven snow. And the Gods had answered. But there was a price to pay for my mother’s request. The Gods took her life, and they cursed me with a lifetime of jealousy.

“But I am not beautiful,” I replied, puzzled. “And I am not cursed with jealousy.”

Old Bruno smiled and took my hand.

“My dear. You are the most beautiful girl in the kingdom. Everyone thinks so. Including your stepmother. And the jealousy is burning her up inside. You must be careful, be wary, Snow, never let your guard down around that woman. She is pure evil.”

I thought he was exaggerating about Melissa. I mean, I knew she wasn’t the world’s best stepmother and she seemed to dislike me, but evil? And surely she couldn’t be jealous of me? I was just a girl.

But although I didn’t believe Bruno at first, I found that I was thinking about it more and more. Was I really pretty? I didn’t think I was. I led a pretty sheltered life at the castle, but surely there were far more beautiful princesses than me out there?

One night, while I was getting ready for bed, I stopped and looked at myself in the mirror. My skin was pale and soft, I had to admit, and my lips were full, kind of cherry coloured and ripe looking. I had a slender waist too, and although I had hated my breasts for a long time, I had kind of got used to them, and they were much bigger than Melissa’s, that was for sure.

That moment was a kind of revelation for me. The next morning I felt much more self-conscious as I walked through the palace. I noticed that the servants, particularly the male servants, were staring at me as I passed, their eyes lingering on me. It was horrible at first. But then, as I thought about it, I started to think that it wasn’t so bad. I mean, wasn’t it a good thing that people thought I was beautiful, even if I didn’t really see it? Being beautiful was nothing to be ashamed of, after all.

Unfortunately, being young and beautiful was particularly dangerous in that castle. Bruno was right, it turned out, about Melissa, and the jealousy that she felt towards me was growing stronger and stronger every day, like a magic potion that she kept stirring and adding ingredients too until one day her jealousy was so strong, so toxic, that she couldn’t contain it.

*  *  *  *

It started one day when my father left the castle. He had to go to the capital to attend to unavoidable business, but I only knew about it when I was awoken by my maid. She warned me that my father had had to leave and that my stepmother was looking for me.

Knowing that my father wasn’t around, I immediately felt a chill run through me. I didn’t exactly know what my stepmother wanted with me, but something told me it wouldn’t be good. So I dressed hurriedly, in my favourite white, blue and yellow dress, brushed my hair, and scampered down the castle stairs as quickly as I could, heading for the garden.

The garden was the one place where my stepmother wouldn’t go. It was a beautiful place, full of wonderful wild flowers and pretty shrubs, and the gardener kept it looking immaculate, but even though it overlooked the edge of the Dark Forest, which I thought would be the kind of scenery my stepmother would enjoy, she never ventured there. She claimed to be allergic to nature or something, which made no sense, but was good news for me, because whenever I was feeling sad or scared, I would go and sit in the garden, knowing that she couldn’t get me there.

Unfortunately, on this occasion, I had underestimated how determined she was to harm me, and the lengths that she would go to. In fact, I had thought I was so safe in the garden that I paid no attention to the man in the brown huntsman gear who approached from the castle. I was lying in the grass watching the birds flutter between the blossom trees when suddenly I felt I was in shadow.

I looked up to see the man standing over me. He looked stern and a little frightening, so I quickly scrambled to my feet and brushed loose grass from my dress.

“Are you Snow White?” he asked.

“Well, yes,” I said. “I am. Pleased to meet you.”

He didn’t smile in return and walked around behind me, looking at me as though he was admiring a prize exhibit, which I didn’t care for, but before I could object, I felt a sharp pain at my wrist, and then something clammy and leathery was pressed over my mouth. It happened so quickly that I didn’t have time to scream. I felt myself being pulled towards him and then I heard him whispering in my ear.

“If you struggle, I will kill you, do you understand?”

I nodded, desperately. As I felt him lash rope around my wrists I desperately wanted to kick and struggle free, but I didn’t dare risk it. I glanced longingly back at the castle, gleaming in the morning sunlight. I thought I could see a dark, tall shadow on the ramparts. Was that my stepmother? But in the next moment the view was blocked out as a heavy hood was pulled over my head and secured at my neck with rope, and I collapsed, helpless into the stranger’s arms.

*  *  *  *

I don’t know how long I we travelled for. It’s hard to keep track of time and to maintain your bearings when you’re covered with a hood and you’re being carried by a strange man. I wanted to scream and struggle, but his words were still buzzing round in my head and I didn’t want to find out whether he meant them or not so I tried to remain as still as possible and wait for the nightmare to be over.

Eventually we stopped. I felt myself being lifted in the air and then my knees met the earth and an instant later, the hood was torn from me. I was still dazed and my head was spinning but I saw that we were in a kind of clearing surrounded by ancient-looking trees. We were in the Dark Forest!

But before I could scream, I felt cold metal at my throat. I looked up in horror and saw that the stranger had a sword and was resting it against my skin.

“P….p….please…” I managed to mutter.

“I am sorry, my lady. It is not personal,” said the man. “I am afraid I have to kill you.”

“But why…”

“Orders from your stepmother.”

My stepmother! So it was true. She really was evil. My heart was thudding against my ribs and I wanted to cry, but I knew I had to think fast.

“P…please….I…I will do anything…”

The man said nothing, but he was breathing hard as he looked down at me. With relief I felt him take away his sword, but I didn’t dare move in case he changed his mind.

“Anything?” he said.

I nodded. Then I saw him smile and as I watched, he unfastened his trousers. I wasn’t sure what he was doing at first, and then I gasped as I saw his cock. I had never seen one before but one of the servants told me that all men had them and that they were normally small. This one though was huge, thick and appeared to be throbbing. It stuck out hard from his body.

“Take this in your mouth. And I will let you go.”

I bit my lip. It seemed like such a dirty thing for a princess to do. But what choice did I have? On my knees I shuffled forward and tentatively wrapped my fingers around it. He sighed as I touched him and sighed again when I began to stroke his cock. I was fascinated with how big it was and how sensitive he seemed to be to my touch. I leaned forward and, closing my eyes, stuck out my tongue, touching the very tip of his cock. It tasted strange, not unpleasant, but like nothing I had ever tasted before. Gently, I slid my lips over the tip of it and felt him shiver a little.

As I started to suck it slowly, I felt his rough hands on my head, pulling me onto him and I tried not to panic, reckoning that if I kept pleasing him in this way, I would still be in control. But soon he became rougher, holding my head tightly, pushing me down onto his cock, until it filled up my mouth and I found it hard to breathe. He started to curse, too, uttering foul disgusting words that I could never repeat, and just when I thought I was going to faint with that fat cock in my mouth, he suddenly pulled out and turned away, gasping and shaking. 

“What’s wrong?” I asked. “Did I hurt you?”

Still shaking a little, he turned back to me, fastening up his trousers.

“No my princess, you didn’t hurt me,” he said, breathing hard. “Now I must go. Understand this, that if you ever return to the castle, you will be killed. I will also be killed.”

“But where can I go?” I said, bewildered.

“Try your luck in the forest,” he replied, with a smile. “Only watch out for the dwarves. They are insatiable.”

With that, he strode off into the forest, leaving me alone, on my knees, in the clearing.

*  *  *  *

I wandered through the forest for what seemed like hours, stumbling through undergrowth, and getting my lovely dress caught on brambles. There was no path through that forest, just occasional clearings and gaps in the trees that all looked the same. As I walked, hopelessly lost, I thought about the strange man. Why would I be worried about dwarves? And what did he mean by ‘insatiable’? And why did he make such strange noises when I sucked his cock?

I was still thinking about his cock and about how full it had made my mouth feel and how unusual it had tasted, when I noticed smoke rising above the trees. Hurrying forward I broke into another clearing, and was thrilled to see a cottage. It was smaller than the cottages I had seen in the village on the other side of the castle, and was kind of ramshackle, but it looked lived in.

I skipped across the clearing and, stooping a little, knocked on the door of the cottage. There was no answer. I knocked, harder this time, and the door opened with a creak.

I was not the sort of princess to go wandering into other people’s homes uninvited, but on the other hand, I was terribly tired and very hungry and I was sure that the people who lived there wouldn’t mind if the daughter of the Earl came in out of the forest to sit down.

Treading warily, I stepped inside and closed the door behind me. The cottage was untidy. There were bottles and dirty plates all over the floor and scattered across the table and chairs. I couldn’t find anywhere to sit there was so much clutter, so after nibbling on a little piece of cheese that I found on the table, and sipping from a little glass of wine, I decided to take a look upstairs.

The bedroom of the cottage was just as untidy as the downstairs rooms, strewn with clothes, though I noticed that the clothes were small, far too small for me even. The room was quite wide, though not very tall, and in it there were seven beds. I so wanted to rest and I thought that the peasants who owned the cottage wouldn’t mind if I lay down, just for a while. The problem was that none of the beds were long enough for me to lie down in. But with a little effort, I was able to push the beds together and by lying across them all, I found I could fit. Soon, the exertions of the day and the wine combined to send me into a deep, welcome sleep.

*  *  *  *

I woke with a start, temporarily forgetting where I was. Then I remembered. I had fallen asleep in that little cottage. And at that point I noticed that I was not alone. Faces were peering down at me. I counted them. Seven faces. Seven faces for seven beds!

I sat up in the bed and the inhabitants of the cottage stepped back. They were dwarves! I chastised myself for being so silly. Of course they were dwarves. That explained why everything was so small!

The dwarves, who were all no taller than my thigh, were dressed in scruffy work clothes and wore dirty hats. They didn’t seem angry, but they were looking at me strangely. So I thought it my duty as a princess to break the ice and introduce myself.

“Good evening,” I said, “My name is Snow White. I am the daughter of the Earl, and I…I….would like to apologise for taking advantage of your lovely cottage. But you see, I was taken into the forest and then a stranger made me kneel down for him, and then I found your cottage and I was so tired and so hungry that I couldn’t help myself and I had to lie down.”

The dwarves listened to all this with curiosity. Then one of them, who appeared to be the oldest, as he had a white beard, stepped forward, rubbing his hand on his trousers in a strange way.

“And we’re delighted to have you, aren’t we lads,” he said, in a gruff voice. There was a murmur of approval from the other dwarves.

“I’m Horny,” he said.

“Horny? What a peculiar name.”

“But apt, Princess, very apt. And this is Cocky. That one is Spanky. And there’s Butty, Licky and Gropey. Oh and not forgetting Bitey.”

I nodded politely at all the dwarves and didn’t comment on their very strange names.

“So, you don’t mind that I slept in your beds without asking?”

“Not at all,” replied Horny, “It is an honour to have a Princess stay with us. In fact, we would like to have you for a long time.”

“Really? I can stay? That’s so kind of you, I don’t know what to say. How can I repay you?”

Horny grinned.

“Well, as it happens, there is something you can do for us. But first, I can see that your lovely dress has been dirtied by the forest. We insist on cleaning it for you.”

“Oh there’s no need, really, I can clean it myself.”

“Nonsense, we are expert dress cleaners. We insist. Take it off and we can have it as good as new in no time, isn’t that right, Gropey.”

The dwarf called Gropey nodded without taking his eyes off me.

“Well, if you’re sure…” I said. They all nodded at the same time. I felt a little silly, but I assumed that as they were dwarves, they were used to this kind of thing, and that they wouldn’t be embarrassed by me taking off my clothes. And I was right, they definitely weren’t embarrassed! I unbuttoned the red silk ribbons at the front of my dress and slid it off my shoulders but before I could slide it down the rest of the way, three of the dwarves had grabbed it and pulled it off me so quickly that I yelped!

“And the underwear!” said Horny, his tongue lolling out of his mouth.

I did as they suggested, and unclipped my white silk bra, allowing my breasts to fall free. The dwarves all gave out little gasps and sighs, that made me a little flustered. And before I could reach my white lacy panties, I felt hands pulling at the material and I squealed as they were ripped right off me!

One of the dwarves – I think it was Gropey – ran out from behind me waving my panties in the air as though he had won a trophy! And then as I watched, the other dwarves all began taking their clothes off, stripping out of their work tunics and boots.

“Are you washing your clothes, too?” I asked, curious as I knelt down on the bed.

“Yes, something like that,” said Horny.

Suddenly, I felt rough hands on my naked butt. I yelped and turned to see Gropey, who was completely naked, squeezing and rubbing at me. I twisted to try to shake him off, but he was persistent and as I turned this way and that I took my eyes off the others so that their first touch made me yelp again with surprise.

“W…what are you doing?” I muttered as Licky stood on my thigh and began to lick at my breasts with fluttery tongue kisses, making my whole body quiver. Horny clambered up onto my other thigh and began tweaking my right nipple, sending little stinging bursts of pain and pleasure through me.

“Just relax, Princess,” said Horny, “We just want to give you one of our special welcomes.”

I nodded, not really understanding. At that moment, Cock and Butty took my wrists and pulled me forward with surprising strength, and I gave in, going onto my hands on knees on that bed. But Licky still clung to me tenaciously, sucking hard at my left nipple, making me squeal and squirm.

Horny had stopped sucking at my breast and was standing in front of me, stroking his cock, which had grown to an alarming size. As I gazed at him in wonder and confusion, I felt a sharp pain at my right nipple and looked down to see Bitey clamped onto it. Open mouthed, I looked up and at that moment, Horny leapt forward and thrust his cock between my lips. I couldn’t move as he held me by the head with a firm grip and I could feel him thrusting his whole body into me, bruising the roof of my mouth with his cock. It was different to the stranger who had taken me into the woods; not as big, but harder somehow and he pushed it into my mouth with such desperate urgency I couldn’t resist.

And I wasn’t sure that I wanted to resist. Gropey’s stroking and pinching on my butt and thighs had made me all tingly and I could feel myself getting a little wet with anticipation, and while I tried to relax into the rhythm of Horny’s pounding and felt the taste of his cock in my throat, I reached down and slid a finger into my pussy, immediately feeling a surge of pleasure shoot through me.

A moment later, I felt a new sensation. Spanky hit my naked butt with a ferocious slap that echoed through the room and made me squeal onto Horny’s cock. Horny pulled out just as Spanky slapped me a second time and this time my squeal ended in a moan as I pushed my ass out towards him, begging him to hit me again, harder, which he did and I squealed louder than before, reaching out to Horny’s cock, grabbing it tightly and thrusting him into my mouth again.

Those incredible creatures were all over me, and I was starting to lose control when I saw Cocky climb up onto the bed. My eyes were wide as I watched his enormous member grow hard in front of me. It was much bigger than the stranger’s, as thick as my arm and I marvelled at how Cocky managed to even stand up straight. Then, as he hurried round behind me, I realised what was about to happen. I tensed myself for what was to come but nothing could have prepared me for the tearing agony and pleasure of that enormous cock entering me. I screamed out but my screams were muffled by Horny, who held my hair and pulled me onto him, my mouth full of his cock.

And as Cocky began to pound me, sending shudders through me, I felt a new sensation, of my butt cheeks being parted and a firm, insistent pressing opening me up as Butty began to push his cock into my ass, slipping into my helpless body, sending an overwhelming rush of pleasure up my spine and causing me to writhe and shake and squeal. As Butty and Cocky fucked me fast and hard, Licky and Bitey slid under me and began to lick and nibble at my clit, while Gropey squeezed my nipples harder than ever, Spanky showered my naked thighs and ass with spanks and slaps and Horny, breathing hard, fucked my mouth frenetically and I, overwhelmed with pleasure felt my orgasm rising deep within me until I could no longer feel my body and I screamed out in ecstasy.

*  *  *  *

The dwarves were so kind to me, so welcoming, that I felt it was only fair to stay and help clean up their home a little. After all, they go out to work hard every day and I am a Princess who doesn’t need to work. So every day, I wander, naked, around their cottage, making it pretty, tidying and cleaning, and then, when they return, we fuck all night over and over and over until we all collapse together in an orgasmic heap. It turns out that insatiable is lots of fun. Of course, my intention is to find a way out of the forest and somehow send word to my father about what my stepmother has done. And some day, I will do exactly that. Not tomorrow, but soon.